The Philosophy of Alice Waters


November 16, 2012


Eat seasonally.
Eat locally and sustainably.
Shop at farmer’s markets.
Plant a garden.
Conserve, compost and recycle.
Cook simply, engaging all your senses.
Set the table with care and respect.
Eat together.
Food is precious.

Alice Waters, author, food activist, gardener, founder and co-owner of Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California.

Photo credit: Chez Panisse website.


Bonsai azalea

Zilker Park Kite Festival!! #austin #kites #fun #skies

#fun  #austin  #kites  #skies  

I want to try their veggie sausage

Some thoughts on communication

Late 80’s Honda Accord on the road! My dad will love this. #honda #accord #vintage #theydontdie

Morning cup

Lovely rosy skies (Taken with Instagram)

Bakery window (Taken with Instagram)